Like cats and dogs

Well, so much for the weekly updates!
During the past month and a half I attended the last few lessons of the illustration course, and only recently got around to completing (most of) the assignments that we started working on there. I have a full time job, and time is scarce…
This is the first of the last three assignments. We got tasked with making a storyboard and then a comic based on a few words that we unwittingly picked at random. They were: dog, cat, sun chair, Christmas tree, heat and ache (from training). This is what I came up with.

Yeah, not much dialogue. I wanted to go for a sort of black and white slapstick comedy feel. I even thought I’d draw it like an old ’30s Mickey Mouse cartoon, but my hands got the best of me.
Pencil and china ink, took about 7 hours.