The very gross princess

Next illustration course assignment: children’s book. We chose between three short children’s stories from a competition, and were tasked with making a storyboard, character studies and a sample picture for the book. Obviously I chose the gross one. A rather crappy one actually (pun!).

It’s about a princess who’s so fine she won’t go to the loo when she’s awake. So she goes in the night, in her sleep, until a paparazzi snaps a shot of her sleep…ehm…walking. The king locks the toilet, the princess gets all fat(?!) and constipated. Until a maiden offers her a juicy plum, and bada-boom!

One thing’s for sure, this book isn’t helping children understand the difference between stomach and intestines.
Pencil, watercolour, silver and gold pens (yes!). Took about 6 hours.